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Providing exceptional, personalized tutoring for all subjects, Edugo is at the forefront of nurturing academic excellence and igniting a passion for learning in Singapore's students.

About Us.

As a premier tuition agency in Singapore, Edugo takes pride in providing exceptional services to our clients. With a comprehensive tutor database and experienced coordinators, our agency facilitates efficient, effective, and easy connections between parents, students, and tutors. Beyond believing in the effectiveness of tutoring, we recognize the transformative power of a good education. At Edugo, we understand that well-equipped students shape the future of our nation and the world. Our 100% free services are dedicated to successfully matching clients with suitable and qualified tutors. Simply fill in our straightforward request form to embark on a journey towards academic success with Edugo.

Our Mission.

Connecting students with qualified tutors for academic success and lifelong learning.

Our Vision.

A world where every student has access to effective and personalized educational support, contributing to positive change in education.

Edugo 7 Core Values: E.D.U.C.A.T.E

Empowering Academic Journeys: Providing resources and support to empower students and tutors for success in their educational endeavours

Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing and celebrating the diverse backgrounds and learning styles of students and tutors.

Underlining Tutor Excellence: Upholding high standards and continuous improvement to deliver exceptional tutoring services.

Cultivate Accountable Partnerships: Taking responsibility for effective communication and collaboration between students, parents, and tutors.

Advocating Student-Centric Approach: Prioritizing the educational needs and success of students in every service we offer.

Team Harmony: Fostering a collaborative environment that encourages teamwork among our coordinators, students, and tutors.

Ensuring Innovative Learning Solutions: Embracing creative approaches and technologies to enhance the tutoring experience.


The Benefits of Home Tuition with Edugo:

Clarify All Questions & Learning Gaps
  • Personalized 1-to-1 sessions with professional tutors.
  • Customized lessons targeting individual learning gaps.
  • Materials and practices designed for efficient and effective learning.
Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Tailored lessons to cater to each student's learning speed and ability.
  • Customizable home tuition for students aiming to improve or excel.
Greater Confidence & Reduced Stress Levels
  • Enhanced preparation for school lessons, homework, and exams.
  • Confidence boost leading to success in other activities, including CCAs.
  • More time for personal interests and leisure activities.
Save Time & Learn In A Safe Environment
  • Convenient lessons in the comfort of home, saving time and travel expenses.
  • Safe and conducive learning environment, providing peace of mind for parents.
  • Direct communication between tutor and parent for enhanced involvement.
Staying Ahead of Singapore’s Education System
  • Investment in academic excellence for success in Singapore's merit-based education.
  • Early preparation for future challenges with a changing MOE syllabus.
  • Ensuring students are competent and well-prepared for academic success.

At Edugo, we have assisted countless students in Singapore, witnessing the transformative impact of home tuition. With 7 out of 10 parents engaging tutors, experience the difference with personalized learning, enhanced confidence, and a stress-free academic journey. Consider home tuition with Edugo and stay ahead in Singapore's competitive education landscape.

Type of Home Tutors
Part-time Tutors Full-time Tutors Ex/Current MOE Teachers
Around 1 to 3 years of experience More than 5 years of experience National exam markers (PSLE/N/O/A Levels, IBDP)
Made up mostly of undergraduates Made up mostly of graduates MOE & NIE Trained School Teachers
Scored good grades during school days Large pool of students, relevant levels & subjects In-depth MOE teaching techniques & pedagogy
Young & vibrant, small age gap Highly experienced with all types of students Wealth of classroom teaching experience
Most budget friendly option Highest level of commitment Most qualified tutor option
2024 Tutor Hourly Rate Guideline
Part-time Full-time Ex/Current MOE Teachers
Pre-school $25-$35/hr $40-$50/hr $50-$70/hr
Primary 1-3 $25-$35/hr $35-$45/hr $50-$70/hr
Primary 4-6 $30-$40/hr $40-$50/hr $60-$80/hr
Secondary 1-2 $30-$45/hr $45-$55/hr $60-$85/hr
Secondary 3-5 $35-$45/hr $45-$60/hr $65-$95/hr
JC $40-$55/hr $60-$85/hr $90-$130/hr
IB $40-$55/hr $60-$85/hr $90-$130/hr
IGCSE/International $30-$55/hr $45-$85/hr $60-$120/hr
ITE/Poly/Uni $40-$65/hr $60-$95/hr $100-$130/hr
Languages $30-$45/hr $40-$65/hr $70-$100/hr

Delivering Premier Tutoring Solutions for Every Student

Here's why partnering with us is a wise choice.

Expert Tutors

Discover highly qualified and seasoned private tutors dedicated to your academic success.

Verified Profiles

Rest assured, each tutor's profile undergoes thorough scrutiny and confirmation.

Learn Comfortably

Our private home tutors eliminate the inconvenience of commuting; enjoy learning from the comfort of your home.

Budget-Friendly Rates

Select a skilled tutor that aligns with your budget, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.


Streamlined Process in 3 Easy Steps:

How It Works

  • 1
    Request a Tutor

    Complete our Tutor Request Form or contact us via call or WhatsApp.

  • 2
    Indicate Your Preferences

    Communicate your specific preferences and requirements for a tutor.

  • 3
    Select Your Tutor

    Let us match you with a qualified teacher tailored to your preferences and needs!


Why Opt for Home Tuition? Unveiling the Benefits!

Home Tuition is an investment that reaps substantial rewards, echoing the wisdom of the saying:
"Investing in education pays the best interest."
With the tuition industry valued at $1.4 billion today, it's evident that parents in Singapore recognize the value of this investment.
Here are six compelling reasons why choosing a home tutor is an advantageous decision:


Enjoy undivided attention in a 1-to-1 session, fostering concentration and minimizing distractions.

Clarify doubts and address learning gaps without peer pressure.

Receive customized materials tailored to individual weaknesses, enhancing comprehension.


95% of students engaging in Home Tuition report improved academic results.

Beyond syllabus teaching, gain access to personalized notes, exam papers, and revision materials.

Acquire valuable skills like effective time management, contributing to overall academic success.


Improved results translate to heightened confidence levels.

Academic success often correlates with increased performance in co-curricular activities and personal hobbies.


Devote 1.5 to 3 hours weekly to clarifying doubts, effectively managing academic demands.

Lower stress levels, allowing students to enjoy childhood or teenage years to the fullest.


Long-term benefits include increased future prospects for students.

Good grades open doors to a wider range of schools and courses, aligning with career aspirations in a grade-centric society.


Save time and cost on unnecessary travel with home tuition conducted in the comfort of home.

Enjoy flexibility for family activities, coupled with the assurance of a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All your questions answered.

How Do I Request for a Tuition Teacher?
You may request for a tuition teacher by taking 5 minutes to fill up our simple form here. Or alternatively, you may contact us via WhatsApp, SMS or call at +65 9388 5073 or email us at
Do I Have to Pay Any Extra Fees?
Our matching services are free-of-charge for clients. Clients are required to pay for lessons that have been arranged and conducted. 50% of the first month’s tuition fees (or otherwise stated) is allocated to our agency as its commission. This amount will be deducted from the tutor’s first month tuition fees. All relevant information will be stated in the tuition invoice issued to you upon confirmation of the tuition assignment.
What Are the Types of Tutors Available?

We have 3 main types of tutors available, Part-Time Tutors, Full-Time Tutors and EX/Current MOE Teachers.

Where Are Lessons Conducted?
Lessons are usually conducted at your home. However, if it is inconvenient for lessons to be conducted here, you may choose to have the lessons conducted elsewhere. For instance, lessons may be conducted at public areas such as libraries or cafeterias.
Do You Provide Trial Lessons?
Yes, we do provide trial lessons. Trial lessons are chargeable on a per-lesson basis. Payment for a trial lesson will be made prior to the start of the lesson to the agency.
What If the Tutor Is Not Suitable?
In the unfortunate case where the selected tutor is unsuitable, we will proceed to arrange for a replacement tutor. You will still need to make payment for lessons conducted with the previous tutor. However, we would like to assure you that these cases are rare as we always strive to arrange high quality tutors who are experienced and qualified.
How Is Payment Made?

Upon completion of the first 2 weeks of lessons with the tutor, clients may pay the balance due, as stated in their invoice, via the following payment methods:


PayNow to UEN 202245864G, 3 Gifted Minds Education Pte Ltd

Bank Transfer to DBS Corporate Account 072-886525-3, 3 Gifted Minds Education Pte Ltd


Subsequent payments from the 3rd week of lessons onwards shall be made directly to the tutor in a mutually agreeable payment method.

What If I Need to Reschedule My Lesson?

In the case that a reschedule of the first lesson is necessary, you will be required to inform us at least 4 hours in advance. If this condition is not met, you will be liable for 50% of the first lessons fees in compensation of the tutor’s time and transport costs.

If the lessons rescheduling is outside our working hours (Mon-Sun 9.00am to 8pm), you will be required to contact the tutor directly to reschedule.